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There are wishes to make own stock information visible for client companies, or to check up stock of own brand product at client companies, and count them into production and inventory management. IT companies such as Google and Facebook make world of information accessible by click. On the other hand, we know that it is still not easy to get stock situation even at neighbor client. 

  Although IT technology is advancing dramatically, there remain things that the technology hardly helps. Can you guess what would happen when the world is without forwarding business. Supplier has to deliver products by themselves with keeping delivery tool of trucks and airplanes, and drivers and pilots also. This might be the world where information business is now staying in. No matter how much data exchange technology(truck and airplane) is advanced, system interface(delivery) burdens one company of wishing the data exchange, since no forwarder is found there. When they have 100 clients, they may have to develop 100 kinds of system interface(delivery). Technology of truck and airplane is not the one which can save lack of the forwarding business. Unless it is with sufficient fund, there is no way to have the delivery tool or to make any delivery there.  

  It should be like just to contact delivery service when we have products to deliver or to receive. It should be the world where anyone can exchange data with anybody, and the data exchange will be of mutual benefit through the supply chain formed.  This is the world that Net Logistics is aiming to open up, in the information business.  

  Counting retail sales and stock in circulation will enhance production and inventory management, and consequently contribute environmentally friendly society with prevention of wasting communal resources. Net Logistics will be a forwarder like DHL or Federal Express in the information business. 

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