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Process to Start of Service

This page shows the process by which you can have the Net Logistics Service started.

1. Application by mail

Please click here to go to the application screen

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2. Clarification of Service applied for

Applicable Services shall be clarified as needed.
Once the application has been submitted, a Questionnaire shall be mailed to you.
The Questionnaire is to be sent back after filling it out.
It is appreciated if you can provide a brief illustration of the expected supply chain structure, similar to the "Services" page.
We may send an inquiry to you if the Applicable Service could not be clarified.

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3.Clarification of upload data

We shall inform you of the upload data format for the applicable service.
Please check the format and advise whether you can create the upload data.

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4.User Account Setup

Net Logistics shall set up the User accounts and inform you of the User IDs and passwords.
Before the account setup, an inquiry sheet is sent to you to fill out. This is for our system master setup.
Initially, up to 3 user IDs are set up. The User ID is free for the first month. You can evaluate the service during this period.
If the Account or Master set up was not properly done due to miscommunication, the expected service cannot be provided.
The trial period also can be used for account tune-up or master setting.

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5. Service Start

Service shall start by uploading the prescribed data to the Net Logistics server.

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6.Start of Chargeable Service

We will check if you will go to chargeable service or not, by the end of the month after the month in which the IDs were setup.
When it is confirmed that you wish to start Chargeable Service, the necessary number of accounts after the first three IDs shall be set up.
If you do not go to Chargeable Service after the trial period, we will delete the account.
In the case, no charge applies.

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