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Service Prices

Service price consists of account setup fee and monthly fee.
Prices are shown in Japanese yen. Please contact us concerning payment in other currencies.

  Account Setup Fee
(One-time startup fee)
Monthly Service fee
Data disclosing Point
(per point)
¥1,000 ¥1,000
Data upload Point
(per point)
¥10,000 Number of upload items per day ~10,000 ¥20,000
10.000~50,000 ¥30,000
50,000~ Subject to quotation

*Number of upload items is counted as total of Stock, Sales and others.

Service Fee calculation example

*Less than 10,000 items uploaded.

To show Stock and Sales data from Distributor to Suppliers

Account Setup Fee (at Starting) ¥13,000(¥10,000×1+¥1,000×3)
Monthly Fee ¥23,000(¥20,000×1+¥1,000×3)

Stock and Sales data is provided to Manufacturer from Distributors

Account Setup Fee (at Starting) ¥31,000(¥10,000×3+¥1,000×1)
Monthly Fee ¥61,000(¥20,000×3+¥1,000×1)

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Up to 3 User IDs to be set for trial period We will check to see if you will continue to use the service by the end of the month after the month your ID was setup.


Necessary number of account shall be set after the 3 IDs when it the start of Chargeable Service is confirmed.
After Chargeable Service has started, Payment to be made monthly at beginning of month for previous month's service.(Net Logistics sends an invoice for payment)
If you do not go to Chargeable Service after the trial period, we shall delete the account.
In this case, no charge applies.

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Cancellation of Service

  • When the service needs to be stopped, please inform Net Logistics of Cancellation of Service through "Contact."
  • Cancellation date is recognized as the end of the month.
  • The full Service Fee of the cancellation month is charged. (It is not a per-diem rate.)
  • Once cancellation has been requested, it cannot be retracted.
  • Net Logistics shall send confirmation of cancellation by mail after we received Cancellation notice.
    If no confirmation is received from Net Logistics within a week, please contact us again by mail.
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